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A short introduction in English

What do you expect from your relationship with your accountant?

 Some think, that accounting is a necessary evil, that has to be done, bot doesn't bring any advantages. It's only about paying taxes month after month. They don't want to do anyting with accountancy (everyone should care about their own affairs, even accountants) and the true test of each accountant will be the tax control. There it will be shown, if the trust given to the accountant was appropriate or not.

 Other might think that it is a good idea to ask the accountant before the completion of an important contract, if he sees any accounting or taxation risk in it. They can sleep well, if they have a clear picture of theiy company and have up to date information about it's performance.

 There are some, whose company grew beyond the level, where the owner / general manager could oversee all the processes in one person, and they decide to implement an integrated busienss system. They might would like to have someone, who has experience in many of these systems and could give recommendations based on their needs and could help in the implementation and later in the day to day use of the chosen system.


If you don't belong to the first group, I think you're in the right place...


Our company, Miksa és Társa Kft. has been established in 2006 and delivers following services to it's clients:


Accounting services

Our main service is the complete accounting of small to middle sized companies. This includes the booking of basic accounting documents (issued and incoming invoices, bank account statements, petty cash documents, etc.), the monthly salary calculation of the client's employees, preparing monthly and yearly tax declarations. We support the work of the client's chosen auditor at the year end audit and represent our client at a tax control before the tax authoritioes.


Accounting services in integrated business systems

 The main point of these system is, that you have to add any kind of data only once in your system, there is no redundancy. One effect of this is, that the work of colleauges who have no direct experience in accounting and taxation will have accounting  implications. Let's take an example: If a warehouse employee takes raw materials from the warehouse and gives it to the production, or someone issues an invoice from the system, then these people have performed bookkeeping entries in the accounting system. This requires great care.

 One part of our services is accounting in such integrated business systems. It is very important to establish checkpoints in the system and to harmonise and control the work of the client's own employees. The services can be performed in our own office via remote desktop connection, or (if this is required) on site at the client's headquarters.


Payroll calculation

 We deliver stand alone payroll calculation services to companies, who have own personnel for accounting tasks, but would like to have an external professional for payroll calculation.

 The service can contain the following:

  • Preparing official declarations about joining and leaving employees.
  • Preparing official declarations about sick leave and various mothernity leaves.
  • Preparing monthly payroll calculation and the company's monthly tax declaration about social security contributions
  • Preparing the yearly personal income tax returns (private and corporate version)
  • Preparing a bookkeping document about the monthly payroll calculation for accounting purposes


Implementation of integrated business systems

 If you plan to aquire an integrated business system, you have to know, that these systems are only completed roughly up to 70% at the moment of buying. This is necessary because this is the only way to tailor the system to the specific needs of a company. The software has to adapt to the workflows and procedures and not the other way.

 We can help you create the accounting equivalents of your real life workflows and to bring your expectations and the system's possibilities closer together.


Tax advisory

 Since the beginning of time, when taxes existed, everyone aimed passing them by. The tax law doesn't prohibit to chose the more economic version of two taxation possibilities, only if you want to neglect the taxation of an income at all. The tax authorities put great effort developing their information systems in the last years and are increasingly efficient in detecting tax frauds.

 I believe that while there is no possiblity to pay 0% taxes after our income in most cases, there is almost always a possibility to find a solution with acceptable tax rates.

 We help our client's to find a solution that does not contradict laws and yet has advantages in taxation.


If you might be interested in our services, don't hesitate to contact us.